Teenage Eye



Changes in the development of the eye mostly occur during childhood
but the front of the eye might continue to grow well into a person s twenties. Vision needs will change until the eyes finally settle into their adult shape. Regular professional eye examinations are necessary to monitor changes in vision. Learn what to expect from an appointment with an eyecare practitioner.

In this section
several articles are available to help you make the best decisions regarding eyewear and eye concerns relevant to teenagers.


Eyeglasses are one of the more traditional methods of correcting refractive errors.

New technologies in eyeglass and lens materials have transformed large
cumbersome eyeglasses into modern
lightweight and fashionable accessories.


Until about age twenty
ultraviolet light is more damaging
as it affects young eyes more so than older ones. Sunglasses are a convenient and fashionable way to protect your eyes.

Contact Lenses

Sometimes parents are reluctant to allow their children to wear contact lenses
but perhaps the knowledge of modern technology will change their opinion.

Contacts offer wearers a wide range of benefits that simply are not available with glasses. It is no wonder then
that over 70 million people across the globe choose to wear contacts over glasses.

Sports Eyewear

By virtue of being extremely active
people under the age of twenty five have a high risk of receiving a sports related injury. In addition
each sport imposes demands and challenges on its players such as peripheral vision
eye/hand co-ordination
and close encounters with moving objects. Many different types of protective eyewear are available for people active in various sports.

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