Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

Some silicone hydrogel lenses allow six times more oxygen to reach your eyes than ordinary contact lenses.
Technology in contact lens development keeps on improving. The creation of silicone hydrogel contact lenses, however, is considered the biggest contact lens development in the last three decades. These lenses offer tremendous health and comfort benefits to new and existing contact lens wearers. One great advantage of these lenses is the fact that some can be safely worn overnight for up to 30 days. But the benefits only begin there.

Silicone hydrogel lenses are manufactured from a revolutionary group of super-permeable lens materials. The silicone component allows for high oxygen transmission to the eye. While traditional soft contact lenses act as a barrier between the eye and the oxygen the eye needs, some silicone hydrogel lenses allow six times more oxygen to reach your eyes than ordinary contact lenses. Oxygen to the eye is critical to help it function properly. Without enough oxygen, you might feel symptoms such as end-of day discomfort, irritation, dryness, and redness – also known as corneal oxygen deficiency. In fact, 64% – 80% of contact lens wearers reported experiencing one or more of these symptoms. People who wear their contacts longer than the recommended wearing time are most at risk. Sometimes there are more severe implications for the oxygen-starved eye, including increased risk for infection, or blurred and fluctuating vision. Over time, lack of oxygen can cause contact lens intolerance and lens wear must be discontinued. By allowing more oxygen to reach the eye, silicone hydrogel lenses provide optimal corneal health, greater comfort, and longer wearing schedules. Wearers often have whiter, brighter and healthier-looking eyes.

Other benefits of these revolutionary lenses include:

  • the lenses balance oxygen and water to provide all-day comfort and maintain moisture even in adverse conditions
  • advanced surface coatings repel the buildup of bacteria and protein deposits, thus increasing lens comfort
  • lenses can be worn for long hours during the day, and some can be used for extended periods of up to 30 days

Silicone hydrogels are the new standard in contact lens wear. Your eye care professional can recommend the type of lens and wearing schedule that maintains optimal eye health while also meeting your lifestyle needs.

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