Laser Surgery Expectations

Laser Surgery Expectations
What kind of results can I expect?

Although no one can promise patients “perfect” or 20/20 vision
most laser patients no longer need glasses or contacts to drive
play sports
watch TV
or participate in careers requiring excellent vision such as police and fire fighters. Even those who are severely nearsighted
and astigmatic can be treated – and achieve outstanding results.

The goal of laser vision correction is to achieve the best visual result in the safest way. The goal is not to eliminate glasses and contacts completely
but to dramatically reduce your dependence upon them in an attempt to help improve your quality of life. Night driving glasses and reading glasses may always be needed even when an excellent visual result is achieved.

It is also important to recognize that even 90% clarity of vision is still 10% blurry and glasses may still be needed for certain activities that require fine or detailed vision.

Enhancement procedures are sometimes needed when a patient has a very high prescription. This is a very normal part of the procedure that can be performed once your vision has stabilized unless it’s medically unwise or unsafe. Adequate corneal tissue must be available to proceed with an enhancement procedure and a repeat measurement of the residual corneal thickness will be taken. Enhancement procedures should only be performed once adequate corneal healing and stability is achieved.

Complications are an inherent part of surgery and despite our best efforts training and skill we recognize that some patients will experience problems. It is our hope to educate you as to what those problems may be so that you can make an informed decision whether or not to proceed with the procedure. No one ever believes that they will be in the small percentage of people that develops a significant complication
so it is important for all candidates to appreciate that there are truly no guarantees.

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