How to Take Care of Your New Spectacles

Cleaning and Maintenance of Your Spectacles

Today s advanced lens materials and coatings are used to maximize vision clarity
as well as extend the life of your lenses. How you take care of them will determine the life and quality of the product.

Cleaning your lenses is a daily exercise that requires the use of proper products and methods to maximize the life of the lenses. Always wet your lenses before cleaning.


  • Use proper eyeglass lens cleaner liberally on both sides of the lens to ensure all dust or dirt lifts off the surface of the lens before you wipe them dry.
  • If no lens cleaner is available run your lens under lukewarm water.
  • Use a special cloth supplied by your eyecare professional to dry your lenses. Be sure to wash the cloth on a regular base to keep it clean and free of lint and dirt.
  • If you don t have a cloth use a good name brand paper towel. Don t use towels made of recycled paper.


  • Never use dish soap detergents or glass cleaner as they can damage the surface coatings of the lens.
  • Don’t use tissue no matter how soft because they leave lint behind.
  • Never clean your lenses dry as continuous dry wiping will lead to noticeable scratches.