How to Insert or Remove Your Contact Lens

How to Insert or Remove Your Contact Lens

Most contact lens wearers laughingly remember struggling in front of a mirror the first time they tried to insert or remove their lenses. As they soon learned
inserting contact lenses follows the old saying – with practice comes perfect.

For everyone from first time contact lens wearer to experienced contact users
here are a few helpful tips to show you how to properly insert and remove your contact lenses:

Checking if your soft or disposable contact lens is right side out.



Inserting Your Lenses

  • Make sure that your fingers are clean and dry. (Dry fingers facilitate handling as soft contact lenses tend to stick to wet fingers).
  • Remove your lens from the storage case.
  • It is a good idea to get in the habit of always working with the same lens first the right or left in order to avoid mix-ups.
  • Rinse your lens with the solution recommended by your eye care practitioner to remove all traces of debris.
  • Place the lens on the tip of your index finger.
  • Using the middle finger of your other hand pull and hold your upper lid so that you cannot blink.
  • Pull down your lower eyelid using the middle finger of your inserting hand.
  • Look up and place the lens gently on the lower white part of your eye.
  • Slowly release your eyelid and close your eye for a moment.
  • Blink several times to centre the lens on your eye.
  • Sometimes small dust particles trapped behind the lens during its placement can cause discomfort. To remove dust slide the lens off and then back onto the front of your eye.
  • Insert the other lens following the same procedure.

Removing Your Lenses

  • Wash and dry your hands.
  • Make sure that your lens is centered correctly on your eye.
  • Looking up pull down your lower eyelid with the middle finger of your inserting hand.
  • Bring your index finger close to your eye until you touch the lower edge of the lens.
  • Slide the lens down to the lower white part of your eye.
  • Gently squeeze the lens between your thumb and index finger and remove it from your eye.
  • Follow the lens care procedures recommended by your eye care practitioner.
  • Remove the other lens and follow the same procedure.