Focus® DAILIES® Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Millions of people rely on Focus® DAILIES® daily disposable contact lenses for renewed comfort each new day. Now, that comfort can last throughout the day with Focus DAILIES with AquaRelease*. The AquaRelease moisturizing agent

is released gradually as the day wears on – a little bit each time with every blink. That means time-release comfort. And even better end-of-day comfort than original Focus DAILIES**.

Focus DAILIES are ideal for people who are new to contact lenses. Like teens who are active in sports. Or anyone, for that matter, whose glasses just seem to get in the way of their busy lifestyle. Focus DAILIES lenses are also available for those who have astigmatism or need bifocal lenses. Also, Focus DAILIES now include a light blue tint for ease of handling and insertion (yet so faint that it won’t change the color of your eyes).

If you:

  • Want crisp, clear vision
  • Want the convenience of no lens cleaning
  • Want immediate wearing comfort
  • Suffer from ocular allergies
  • Want to wear contacts when your eyeglasses get in the way , for sports or recreation
  • Don’t want to sleep in lenses

Focus® DAILIES® may be right for you.