This revolutionary test allows doctors an opportunity to better understand and view disease progression of the macula, the retina and the optic nerve long before actual vision loss takes place. … Read more

Ocular Hypertension

Contents 1 Ocular Hypertension 2 Will you be treated? 3 Known risk factors: hard and soft 4 Ocular hypertension: To treat or not to treat? 5 We now have some … Read more

Ocular Rosacea

Contents 1 Ocular Rosacea 2 Overview 3 Detection and Diagnosis 4 Treatment 5 Diagnosis Codes Ocular Rosacea Overview Ocular rosacea is associated with a chronic skin condition known as rosacea … Read more

Oily Fish Consumption Protect Your Eyesight

Oily Fish Consumption At Least Once A Week Will Protect Your Eyesight In Old Age. People who habitually consume oily fish at least once a week compared with less than … Read more

Open Angle Glaucoma

Contents 1 Open-Angle Glaucoma 2 Who is at Risk? 3 Diagnosing Glaucoma 4 Treatment of Glaucoma 5 Diagnosis Codes Open-Angle Glaucoma Glaucoma is caused by a number of different eye … Read more

Open Your Eyes To Healthy Eating Habits

Contents 1 Open Your Eyes To Healthy Eating Habits 2 Healthy Fruits and Vegetables 3 Did You Know? 4 About the survey 5 About the American Optometric Association (AOA) 6 … Read more


The optic nerve is the transmission cable that connects the retina of the eye to the brain. Anatomically, the optic nerve consists of over one million retinal cells called ganglion … Read more

Optic Neuritis

Contents 1 Optic Neuritis 2 SYMPTOMS 3 WHAT CAUSES THE INFLAMMATION? 4 EXAMINATION 5 TREATMENT AND PROGNOSIS 6 Diagnosis Codes Optic Neuritis Optic neuritis (also called retrobulbar retinitis) is an … Read more

Optic Neuritis/ Retrobulbar Neuritis

Optic Neuritis is an inflammation of the optic nerve, which leaves the back of the eye and exits into the brain at the back of the bony orbit of the … Read more

Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions Our visual system constantly imposes three-dimensional characteristics onto two-dimensional images. While our interpretations of these images are usually correct in ambiguous situations with more than one possible image … Read more


Contents 1 Ortho-K 2 What is Ortho-K? 3 Why Have Ortho-K Done? 4 What are the advantages of Ortho-K lenses? 5 Am I a candidate for Ortho-K lenses? 6 How … Read more