Narrow Angles

Contents 1 Narrow Angles 2 How to Detect if You Have a Narrow Angle 3 Treatment for Narrow Angles 4 Diagnosis Codes Narrow Angles “Narrow angle” refers to the shallow … Read more

New Therapy For Uveitis

New Therapy For Uveitis If not properly treated chronic inflammation causes scarring and leads to irreversible vision loss. A preliminary clinical trial conducted by researchers at the National Institutes of … Read more

Night Glare After Laser Surgery (TLC Branded)

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Not Just Your Imagination

Not Just Your Imagination: The Brain Perceives Optical Illusions As Real Motion Ever get a little motion sick from an illusion graphic designed to look like it s moving? A … Read more

Nutrition and Vision

Nutrition and Vision Similar to the rest of the body exercise and balanced nutrition play an essential role in maintaining healthy eyes. Routine eye examinations by your eyecare practitioner are … Read more

Nutritional Supplements May Have Adverse Effects

Nutritional Supplements May Have Adverse Ocular Effects Side effects ranging from dry eye to retinal hemorrhages and transient visual loss were found. A large proportion of North Americans use herbal … Read more