Lagophthalmos Eyelids act as protective covers for your eyes. Proper closure and blinking of your eyelids is essential for normal ocular health and functionality. Lagophthalmos is the inability to fully … Read more

Lagophthalmos: Incomplete Eye Closure

Contents 1 Lagophthalmos: Incomplete Eye Closure 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Causes 1.3 Treatment 1.4 Diagnosis Codes Lagophthalmos: Incomplete Eye Closure Introduction Our eyelids act as protective covers for the eyes, especially … Read more

Laser Capsulotomy

Contents 1 Laser Capsulotomy 2 YAG Laser and Capsulotomy 3 How Is the Surgery Performed? 4 Diagnosis Codes Laser Capsulotomy A laser is a high-tech device that produces very high-energy … Read more

Laser Surgery Expectations

Laser Surgery Expectations What kind of results can I expect? Although no one can promise patients “perfect” or 20/20 vision most laser patients no longer need glasses or contacts to … Read more


Contents 1 LASIK FAQs 2 How long does the procedure take? 3 Will I be awake during the procedure? 4 Does it hurt? 5 Will I Need Glasses or Contacts … Read more

LASIK Surgery: Am I a Good Candidate?

Refractive surgery has made great strides during these last few years, both in the accuracy of its results and in its overall safety. It has become extremely popular with people … Read more

LASIK Surgery: Which Type is Best for You?

Contents 1 Different Types of LASIK Surgery 2 1. LASIK 3 2. IntraLASIK 4 3. Custom LASIK Different Types of LASIK Surgery A device called a wavefront analyzer measures the … Read more

LASIK: Choosing a Surgeon

Contents 1 LASIK: Choosing a Surgeon 1.1 Step One: Rely on your own Eyecare Practitioner 1.2 Step Two: Ask Questions 1.3 What to Expect as a Refractive Surgery Patient 1.4 … Read more

Latent Hyperopia

Contents 1 Latent Hyperopia 2 Overview 3 Symptoms 4 Diagnosis and Treatment 5 Diagnosis Codes Latent Hyperopia Overview Farsightedness medically termed as hyperopia (hi-per-O-pe-ah) is a common condition that affects … Read more

Lattice Degeneration

Lattice Degeneration Lesions appear as criss-crossing lines and may run around the circumference of the eye. Often the thinning becomes profound that some patients develop retinal holes. Lattice degeneration is … Read more

Lead Exposure May Cause Cataracts

Lead Exposure May Cause Cataracts Common sources of lead include leaded gasoline paint water contamination and air pollution. A study has found a link between lead exposure and the development … Read more

Leafy Green Vegetables Help Prevent Cataracts

Lutein and zeaxanthin were nearly 10 times more powerful than vitamin E in protecting the cells from UV-induced damage. A new study from Ohio State University provides the first laboratory … Read more

Learn How Smoking Can Be Damaging To Your Eyesight

Learn How Smoking Can Be Damaging To Your Eyesight “The chemicals from cigarettes can cause inflammation of the conjunctiva causing your eyes to be irritated and turning red” Most people … Read more

Lens Enhancements

Contents 1 Lens Enhancements 2 Scratch-Resistant Coatings 3 Ultraviolet Protection 4 Anti-reflective Coating 5 Polarized Lenses 6 Tints 7 Colour 8 Gradient 9 Photochromic Lens Enhancements New advances in lens … Read more

Lens Materials and Designs

Lens Materials and Designs New advances in lens technology have made it possible for spectacles to have better optics be thinner lighter and more comfortable. When choosing a new pair … Read more

Lid Hygiene

Lid Hygiene Consider the amount of dirt debris and foreign matter that accumulates on our eyelids and lashes. Where does it all go?… Most people don’t know how important it … Read more